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WorldRefrigerationDay More Than One Voice! This is what a Community looks like!unites our global industry, showcasing the power of collaboration and shared purpose.

This year’s #WorldRefrigerationDay theme, #TemperatureMatters, highlights our industry’s innovative strides for the future.

Find a full list of returning and new sponsors here. The list will be updated soon.

The theme ‘Temperature Matters’ coincides with Lord Kelvin’s 200th birthday, a thermodynamics pioneer.

Temperature connects us all and everything we do in this industry. Look for more details soon.

#WorldRefrigerationDay is a monumental event for our global community. It’s a day of unity and progress.

This special occasion highlights our industry’s crucial role. Together, we raise awareness and push boundaries.

Let’s continue to make a difference together!

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At O-Hx, we aim to transform industrial and commercial cooling. Our focus is on innovation, sustainability, and efficiency. Boasting over fifty years of combined expertise, we lead in thermal energy storage technology.

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