Thermal Battery

In a standard configuration, the EnergiVault thermal battery system integrates seamlessly with existing chiller circuits, comprising both the EnergiVault charger and the thermal battery. This setup is adept at delivering partial or complete thermal energy storage cooling requirements as needed.

How EnergiVault Works

The innovative design of the EnergiVault thermal battery significantly enhances the energy storage capacity during the charging phase. It achieves this by transforming the working fluid within the EnergiVault into minuscule spherical ice particles, each measuring less than 0.1mm in diameter. These particles, commonly known as Phase Change Material (PCM), are pivotal in the system’s efficient energy storage process.

The EnergiVault’s remarkable high energy density culminates in a thermal energy battery with an exceptionally large capacity.

To extract energy from the EnergiVault, a meticulously regulated quantity of the system’s working fluid is channeled through the interface heat exchanger. It is in this phase that the cooling process is effectuated.

AI Cloud-based Optimisation Engine

The EnergiVault AI Optimisation Engine, hosted on a cloud-based platform, is expertly designed to maximise electricity and carbon savings, ensuring peak efficiency in energy management.

Integration of EnergiVault with on-site Renewables

Harnessing excess solar PV or low-carbon energy is effortless with EnergiVault. Its thermal battery boasts exceptional efficiency, minimising energy loss to under 5%. Coupled with non-degrading storage capacity, it maintains peak efficiency even a decade post-installation. Integration involves adding meters to optimise grid balance, while advanced AI ensures maximal efficiency. In tandem with electric batteries, it satisfies cooling needs using cost-effective, eco-friendly electricity.

 Comparison of Stored Water versus Energivault Lantent Heat Store

Thermal energy storage

Effortless synchronisation with existing systems

EnergiVault exemplifies the pinnacle of integration ease, offering a seamless blend with existing industrial refrigeration systems. Its design philosophy prioritises effortless incorporation, ensuring that it dovetails perfectly with current cooling infrastructures.

This harmonious integration is more than just a technical accomplishment; it represents a significant stride in operational efficiency and adaptability.

By adopting EnergiVault, businesses can upgrade their energy systems without the need for extensive overhauls or disruptions.

The system’s compatibility and user-friendly nature highlight its role not just as an add-on, but as a natural extension of existing cooling solutions.

This streamlined integration process is key to minimising downtime, reducing installation complexities, and ensuring a smooth transition to more sustainable and efficient cooling practices.

EnergiVault stands as a testament to how advanced technology can be elegantly woven into the existing fabric of industrial operations.

Further Information about EnergiVault

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