O-Hx (with a 1 MWh Cold Battery)

  • The inaugural EnergiVault Cold Thermal Battery is operational at Quotient Sciences in Alnwick, near Newcastle, with an open day held in July.
  • EnergiVault is a finalist for Refrigeration Innovation of the Year at The RAC Cooling Industry Awards, with the ceremony scheduled for September 21st at The Grosvenor Hotel.
  • O-Hx and EnergiVault have gained notable press coverage, reflecting their emerging impact in the industry.

EnergiVault‘s efficiency is highlighted by its use of the Octopus Variable Tariff: it charges at a low £0.08p KWh rate overnight, avoiding the high £0.32p daytime rate. With a storage capacity of 1.5-2 MWh, it offers substantial savings, up to 75%.

While Octopus is a consumer tariff, the trend towards variable corporate tariffs suggests a bright future for EnergiVault’s cost-saving potential, especially in markets with existing variable tariffs, benefiting O-Hx and its clients.

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