O-Hx Unveils enhanced Battery Technology

Innovative Enhancements Lead to 25% More Capacity and Reduced Costs, Accelerating Investment Payback

O-Hx is excited to announce significant upgrades to the EnergiVault thermal battery, enhancing its storage capacity by 25%. This development targets a revolution in the cooling industries.

EnergiVault’s upgrades surpass just increased capacity. They introduce cost savings, making the solution more budget-friendly. Thus, clients will see quicker returns, meeting both financial and environmental objectives.

Bob Long, our Founder & Executive Chairman, stated, “The EnergiVault enhancements represent a significant advancement in thermal energy storage, reflecting our commitment to innovation and sustainability.”

With these improvements, we at O-Hx are preparing for our upcoming funding round. We aim to increase production, widen our market reach, and strengthen our position as leaders in thermal energy storage.

EnergiVault stands out for storing cold energy as binary ice, ensuring superior performance and durability in industrial refrigeration. This globally patented solution has no equal.

Bob Long stated, “Launching the improved EnergiVault into the market excites us. Our next funding round aims to significantly influence the industrial cooling sector. Our product excels in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and contributes to global sustainability.”

Bob also mentioned, “The positive feedback from numerous customers and partners about EnergiVault technology pleases me.”

Interest in EnergiVault goes beyond single installations, with many considering the deployment of multiple units, showcasing its modular design.

EnergiVault’s design offers scalable solutions, adeptly meeting varied cooling needs and specific site conditions. This versatility is crucial for satisfying our diverse client requirements across different sectors.

Integrating several EnergiVault units into existing systems enhances efficiency, resilience, and sustainability. This alignment meets the increasing demand for adaptable, eco-friendly cooling solutions.

Positive feedback from discussions and inquiries highlights the market’s recognition of EnergiVault’s innovative approach. The market views it not just as a solution for current needs but also as a forward-thinking method, aligning with global sustainability and efficiency trends.

At O-Hx, we are navigating an exciting growth and innovation phase, actively engaging with both existing and new investors. EnergiVault is moving towards a sustainable and efficient future in industrial cooling.

For more information on EnergiVault and investment opportunities, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call +44 (0) 1253 829828.

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O-Hx leads in thermal energy storage innovation, transforming industrial and commercial cooling. With our experienced team, we commit to developing sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective cooling technologies, meeting global environmental standards.

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At O-Hx, we aim to transform industrial and commercial cooling. Our focus is on innovation, sustainability, and efficiency. Boasting over fifty years of combined expertise, we lead in thermal energy storage technology.

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