O-Hx and the New Energy Landscape

Understanding EnergiVault’s Role In The New Energy Landscape

Recent talks with Energy Innovation Agencies have unveiled new Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) funding details.

Our active participation, especially in a webinar with David Grundy, highlights our lead in energy efficiency for the New Energy Landscape.

View the Energy Innovation Agency Webinar

EnergiVault: Meeting Future Energy Demands

At O-Hx, we innovate in thermal energy storage. EnergiVault, our key product, boosts energy efficiency and cuts industrial cooling’s carbon impact. The IETF’s focus on process efficiency and fuel switching reflects in EnergiVault’s design. It offers an inventive way to manage energy and reduce carbon footprints.

EnergiVault’s compatibility with on-site renewables like photovoltaics mirrors global carbon cut goals. Besides replacing less efficient chillers, EnergiVault ensures operational resilience and cost savings, matching the shifting energy scenario.

Webinar Insights

Thanks to those joining David Grundy’s webinar with Energy Innovation Agencies. This event underscored EnergiVault’s part in sustainable industrial cooling.

Missed the webinar or want a recap? We invite you to view the recording. It shows how EnergiVault aids in reaching sustainability objectives. Click here to watch the video

Moving forward, O-Hx is committed to creating solutions for current industrial demands. EnergiVault symbolises our aim for a greener, efficient future.

We appreciate your ongoing trust in O-Hx and EnergiVault. Together, we’re establishing new benchmarks for energy efficiency, leading to a cleaner, sustainable industrial world.

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