Meeting cooling demand with low carbon solutions

Our EnergiVault Cold Thermal Energy Battery has been operational at Quotient Sciences for six months, exceeding our expectations with its outstanding performance. We have released initial test results in a White Paper focusing on fulfilling cooling needs with low-carbon energy and low carbon solutions.

The EnergiVault Cold Thermal Energy Battery not only excels in performance but has also impressed Quotient Sciences, showcasing its remarkable capabilities. We have produced a promotional video, including interviews with key personnel from Quotient Sciences, to demonstrate this success, available for viewing here.

The unit’s ability to maintain full business operations during hot weather showcases its adaptability. It’s a sturdy solution that boosts operational resilience and offers significant savings in both carbon and costs.

Cold Thermal Energy Battery

Recently, we’ve made further improvements to the energy storage system. This system cleverly integrates all essential components into a single, standard shipping container. Impressively, it now achieves an energy storage capacity exceeding 1MWh. This advancement is a key step in our ongoing quest for a fully modular, plug-and-play design, underlining our dedication to efficient and flexible energy solutions.

The application of O-Hx’s EnergiVault Cold Thermal Energy Battery around the world could lead to huge reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

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At O-Hx, we aim to transform industrial and commercial cooling. Our focus is on innovation, sustainability, and efficiency. Boasting over fifty years of combined expertise, we lead in thermal energy storage technology.

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