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Imagine a world where energy efficiency is maximised, costs are slashed, and sustainability goals are effortlessly achieved. Welcome to the future with EnergiVault, the groundbreaking thermal energy battery from O-Hx. Our cutting-edge technology is not just a product; it's a revolution in thermal storage, designed to meet the soaring global demand for cooling solutions.


1. Unmatched Innovation: EnergiVault is the pinnacle of thermal energy storage, boasting over 25 patents. It’s the most advanced solution on the market, capable of storing cooling energy with unparalleled efficiency and reliability. There is nothing on the market that can compare with the EnergiVault technology. 

2. Massive Market Potential: The global cooling market is booming, valued at over £250 billion and growing rapidly. Industries ranging from healthcare to hospitality, and food production are all seeking efficient cooling solutions. EnergiVault is poised to capture a significant share of this market, making it a prime investment opportunity. 

3. Proven Technology: Our product is not just theoretical. EnergiVault is developed, tested, and proven. Companies can now bank cooling energy in an energyVault, at a time that is most cost efficient and use it on demand, significantly reducing energy costs and ensuring operational resilience. 

4. Sustainability and Efficiency: At O-Hx, we are committed to helping companies work towards their carbon-zero goals. EnergiVault enables businesses to reduce their carbon footprint by integrating with renewable energy sources and optimising energy usage. 

5. Explosive Growth Potential: EnergiVault is set for exponential growth as awareness of this unmatched technology spreads. Early investors have the unique opportunity to be part of something huge, with the potential for significant returns as we expand our market presence.

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Exciting Stats on Cooling Demand:

  • The global demand for cooling is expected to triple by 2050, driven by rising temperatures and increasing industrialisation.
  • The cooling market in food production alone is projected to grow to £50 billion in the next decade.
  • Energy-efficient cooling technologies can save businesses up to 40% on their energy bills.


Join us at the forefront of this energy revolution. Investing in O-Hx is not just about capitalising on a lucrative opportunity; it’s about making a tangible impact on global energy sustainability. 

We are excited about the potential of EnergiVault to change the world, and we invite you to be part of this journey.

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