Highly Commended at the National ACR and Heat Pump Awards

 We are thrilled to share that our ‘Cool Net Zero’ initiative, powered by the EnergiVault technology, was ‘Highly Commended’ at the National ACR & Heat Pump Awards by the ACR Journal in the Air Conditioning Project category.

EnergiVault leads in cold thermal energy storage (CTES), aimed at enhancing the efficiency and decreasing the carbon emissions of industrial refrigeration systems. Utilizing binary ice technology, EnergiVault sets a new benchmark in CTES performance. This innovation significantly reduces economic and carbon footprints by supporting load-shifting via on-site renewables. It also bolsters operational resilience by supplying peak demand support, negating the need for extra chiller or grid capacity.

Our ‘Cool Net Zero’ project epitomises O-Hx’s commitment to setting new industrial cooling standards through cutting-edge CTES solutions. Embedding EnergiVault in our clients’ systems not only demonstrates cost-saving potentials but also strides towards a sustainable, net-zero future.

The accolade from the National ACR & Heat Pump Awards affirms the innovation, effort, and teamwork of the O-Hx team. This recognition mirrors our pledge to deliver energy-efficient, eco-friendly cooling solutions that cater to current industrial needs and safeguard our planet for the forthcoming generations.

We express profound thanks to our clients, partners, and the O-Hx team, whose trust, collaboration, and hard work have been crucial. This award isn’t just a milestone for O-Hx; it underscores the importance of green technologies, especially in advancing Cold Thermal Energy Storage, for improving industrial processes.

Motivated by this success, we are even more committed to leading the advancement of CTES solutions.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to you for your continued support.

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