EnergiVault Product Launch

Generally, for a product launch, if you offer free alcohol, canapes, somewhere salubrious in London on a Thursday night, people will flock to the opening of a fridge. Organic Heat Exchangers reversed this and launched EnergiVault (Cool Net Zero), on a Monday, in Alwick (100 miles from Edinburgh), with no alcohol, during the day, and amazingly, achieved a full house including many members of the press who had travelled 200 miles.

EnergiVault is a hybrid cooling and energy storage device. Cooling represents circa 20% of global energy consumption and circa 10% of global emissions. It now has to be accepted that EnergiVault is a gamechanger. Its also patented around the world.

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At O-Hx, we aim to transform industrial and commercial cooling. Our focus is on innovation, sustainability, and efficiency. Boasting over fifty years of combined expertise, we lead in thermal energy storage technology.

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