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At O-Hx, we aim to transform industrial and commercial cooling. Our focus is on innovation, sustainability, and efficiency. Boasting over 50 years of combined expertise, we lead in thermal energy storage technology.

Furthermore, our team blends engineering know-how with financial insight. Also, we integrate business development and software innovation. As a result, we provide advanced solutions for today’s environmental challenges.

The Future of Thermal Energy Storage

EnergiVault, our leading product, shows our dedication to innovation and eco-friendliness. This patented thermal battery disrupts traditional systems by offering efficient, high-density storage. Developed in the UK, EnergiVault meets the need for energy-saving cooling solutions. It cuts costs and carbon emissions significantly.

EnergiVault is more than a product; it’s an extensive energy management system.

It revolutionises industrial cooling methods.

Using binary ice technology, EnergiVault achieves unmatched efficiency and adaptability. It supports rapid and flexible discharging with little energy loss. This innovative system not only enhances current refrigeration but also encourages renewable energy use. Thus, it aids in creating a cooler, more sustainable world.

Disrupting the Thermal Energy Storage Market

EnergiVault’s introduction is transforming the thermal energy storage sector. It offers a modular, scalable solution, aiding diverse industries in reaching sustainability targets and boosting efficiency. From food processing to pharmaceuticals and data centres to industrial plants, EnergiVault is pivotal. It shifts energy use to off-peak hours and aligns with on-site renewable generation, embodying our dedication to cutting global cooling carbon emissions.

Join us in our Journey towards Sustainable Cooling

We welcome you to discover EnergiVault and support our vision for advanced cooling. EnergiVault promises not only economic gains but also a step towards sustainability.

O-Hx is dedicated to providing solutions that are efficient, dependable, and sustainable.

For details on how EnergiVault can revolutionise your cooling systems, contact our team. Let’s pursue sustainable, efficient cooling solutions that meet today’s needs and ensure a greener future.

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