EnergiVault®: Revolutionising Thermal Storage

EnergiVault® embodies the pinnacle of cold thermal energy storage (CTES) solutions, employing advanced thermal battery systems to augment both existing and new cooling infrastructures. With its capacity for flexible load shifting, it seamlessly integrates into chilled water systems, demonstrating remarkable scalability and high cooling rates. A 1MWh thermal battery, for example, achieves full charge in just 16 hours using a 65kW charger and maintains a peak discharge of 1MW in under an hour.

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Operational Excellence and Enhanced Efficiency

EnergiVault® is at the forefront of intelligent energy storage, equipped with AI that responds to fluctuations in fluid temperatures, ensuring critical cooling is maintained. It automatically discharges in proportion to the demand, offering a sustainable solution to the unpredictable nature of renewable energy, effectively managing load shifting for industrial chillers, and supporting low carbon process cooling.

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Dual-Functionality and Performance Benefits

Beyond its primary function, EnergiVault® serves a dual purpose by recovering both low and high-grade thermal energy, which can be repurposed for warm water needs and office heating, exemplifying the system's multi-faceted utility. This recovery mechanism propels the Coefficient of Performance (CoP) to exceed a 5:1 ratio, signifying unparalleled operational efficiency.

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Innovation and Market Leadership

O-Hx - Thermal Energy Storage - EnergiVault® is a trailblazer with it's rapid charging and discharging capabilities.
Distinct from retro-fit thermal battery options, its real-time energy capacity assessments, managed by AI, and its compatibility with all building management systems place EnergiVault® as a leader in the energy storage sector.

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EnergiVault®: Revolutionising Cooling with AI-Powered Efficiency
• Seamlessly Integrates with Existing Systems
• Autonomous Operation for Unmatched Flexibility in Modern Thermal Energy Storage Cooling Solutions
• Amplifies Cooling Capacity for High-Demand Environments
• AI-Driven Control for Optimal Performance and Reliability
• Energy Management Redefined - Slash Your Cooling Costs Dramatically
• Manage your Energy - SAVE MONEY

Frequently Asked Questions

EnergiVault and you...
Yes, During peak demand periods, such as early evening, the electricity supplied has a high carbon intensity. Conversely, off-peak periods, such as overnight, have a lower carbon intensity. EnergiVault systems, which are primarily used for load-shifting, directly contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.
Yes, EnergiVault can be optimized to offer the most economical cooling solution by utilising off-peak electricity to charge its thermal store, which can then be discharged during periods of peak pricing. This strategy takes advantage of the price differential between peak and off-peak periods.
The economic payback period for EnergiVault will vary depending on its operating mode, but for most customers, it is expected to be less than three years. In cases where it replaces new chillers for additional capacity installation, the payback period can be halved.
EnergiVault offers a significantly higher return on investment due to its lower purchase cost, minimal operating losses, reduced maintenance expenses, and sustained storage capacity throughout its lifespan.
No, The installation of the system has been designed to be minimally invasive, typically requiring no more than two connections to the existing refrigeration circuit.

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Organic Heat Exchangers (O-Hx) offers the EnergiVault technology for efficient thermal energy storage and delivery. This system significantly reduces cooling costs and is scalable, integrating with existing cooling systems. EnergiVault uses AI for enhanced performance, suitable for new and existing infrastructures, promoting sustainable energy use. 


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